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I have a signature shot… and it’s the booty shot. I know how th make them look Goooooooooood!! It’s probably the part of your body you see the least. Some guys are butt men, but these shots are mostly for YOU!   If you have a booty (even a flat one) I can make it pop and make it shine. My clients always buy the booty shot when selecting their images, even if they were on the fence about it during the shoot.


… and those of you following my work? I know you love the booty shots too! On Instagram and Facebook booty shots have a high reach, basically, that means they get seen by a lot of eyeballs…. but they have super low engagement.   That makes me sad.

Society still has some pretty old school standards around nudity and sexuality.   I have clients who would lose their jobs if I published images from their sessions. I have other clients who know they kicked ass and look like a million bucks but are still worried what others might think, so they choose a few less risqué images I’m allowed to show.


Hope you’re wearing you’re #Green this Saint Patrick’s Day, lest you get pinched!

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Every so often I get a client who says “Fuck society” and checks that box that says I can show any and all, shots from their sessions. Then we both do a happy dance.

It takes so much courage for one of my ladies to say, yes “Put my ass on the internet!” (In this case, literally.)


… and I do. Then all of the internet sits back and looks, but doesn’t have the courage to double tap or smash that like button, let alone leave a comment.   Is it uncomfortable? Maybe.   But we’re all in this together, we owe it to them to lift them up, encourage them, and show them the love.

Everyone has a butt, its nothing to be ashamed of.

So the next time you see one of these brave ladies on your feed, please (double) tap that ass, and maybe take a spin on the wild side and leave a comment too.


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