St. Patrick’s Day | Indianapolis Boudoir

Are you #GREEN with envy, that you haven’t had your boudoir session with Indianapolis’ BEST boudoir studio, yet? Well get your butt in here, babe!

I did a thing! I planned a session completely around a $10 green outfit on Shein.  Which BTW, Shein is now having a sale for up to 85% off for St. Patrick’s Day!!!

I worked with an amazing model, Jordan, which was a really cool experience. She was such a doll to work with, but I’m not used to working with models, who know how to pose, so I kept directing her, and when she’d move and change up a pose on her own, I would be like, “Wait, why are you moving?” hahahaha I kept apologizing for over-directing and making her get back in a pose. I think we made MAGIC though!!

Jordan also gave me the biggest compliment, when she commented on a photo, “This is my favorite picture I’ve ever seen of myself!” For a model, who works with a lot of photographers, that’s a pretty freaking AWESOME compliment! She also asked how much editing I did to her body. I was a bit taken back, because I don’t alter people’s bodies, and I didn’t realize that it was such a common thing in the boudoir world, that someone would need/want to ask HOW MUCH was done. She was really happy to learn that I did not alter her body at all. NOPE, I only do skin retouching folks. The rest of the magic is in posing and lighting only.

Without further ado, enjoy your festive St. Patrick’s Day boudoir session:

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