Hello! I'm Ashley, the owner and photographer behind Nine 23 Boudoir. I'm a hoosier born and raised, and as you can tell, I have a passion for boudoir photography and women's empowerment. I'm a proud trucker's wife, and mom of two strong and sassy little girls, and a handful of sassy furchildren that somehow keep making their way into our home.  

I'm not here for the pretty pictures, like glamour shots. I'm here to get those sexy images, that make you proud to show off. I'm here for those images, that make your honey say, "Damn, VS stepped up their game!", and watch you beam with excitement, when you get to tell them, "That's no VS ad, that's ME!".

Ditche the yoga pants, and messy bun, and let's get sexy! But then we can totally put the yoga pants back on, because, come'on... it's yoga pants! They're literally good for EVERYTHING! 


  • I am LGBTQ friendly. That's exactly why I say, "I would love to photograph your session for you and your HONEY". Because no matter how your significant other identfies themselves, all I care about, is that they are sweet to you, like honey.  
  • You can regularly see me driving around town singing every word to Nicki Minaj songs, when the littles aren't in the car and I'm forced to listen to Kidz Bop.  
  • I have a brain aneurism. I was born with it, but they didn't find it, until I was 3 years old. Because of the aneurism, I was also born with a narrow spinal chord, and an enlarged heart.  It just means I have more love to give! 
  • 10% of your investment goes to charity, and it has been for years. Not that I like to toot my own horn, but you should know that while you're empowering yourself through boudoir photography, you're also helping to empower others! Some of the charities closest to me, that I donate to are: RAINN, The Julian Center for women, and PathFinder International. I also take on a limited number of free sessons each year, for women who have been victims of abuse, or have (or currently are) going through cancer treatments, and are getting back to a new normal in their life, and want to feel beatiful in this new stage of life. 
  • I'm an adult, who enjoys cussing. But because it's not always "socially acceptable", I've made up words to replace curse words, that make absolutely, no fucking sense.  For examples, "BEANS!", can replace darn near any curse word that you need to yell. "Mother of Pearl" replaces... well I think you know. ;) 
  • I do Selfie sessions every so often, so that I can try out new poses, to know if they'll look good, how long the average person can hold them, and how much the might hurt. Oh, also, because I love seeing sexy pictures of myself too. (pictured to the right). 

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