How boudoir makes you a better mom and wife

How boudoir makes you a better mom and wife

How a boudoir session can make you an even better mom and wife, Indianapolis boudoir, Indiana boudoir studio


I’ve been photographing women for well over five years now, and no matter what niche of photography I’ve been photographing, the objective is the same. Make the bride/mom/woman, look and feel great! We all know it’s us, the wife, the mom, who is making the purchase for amazing photography right? And why do you opt for the luxury photographer, over the cheap shoot and burn photographer, or seasoned pro vs. the newbie?  Because you want to look good, and a good photographer will ensure that happens.  How does this translate into boudoir, and why does boudoir make you a better mom and wife?


1.) Feeling good on the outside, makes you feel good on the inside.
Why do you think the fashion and beauty industries are multibillion dollar industries? Because we’re women, and we like to look good. When we look good, we feel good, and when we feel good, we attack the day with enthusiasm. Studies have shown that not only do we treat people differently when we feel good about ourselves, but our brightness shines through, and people treat US better.  Have you ever had an amazing day, simply because you knew you had on a paid of sexy matching undies under your clothes? No one even KNEW you had that bra and panty set on.. but you did, and it put a pep in your step the entire day! #NoJudgies Sometimes finding a matching set of undies is hard work when you’re a busy wife and/or mom.  Boudoir is the same. When you see you images, it makes you feel amazing, and you start carrying yourself with that feeling of beauty, even incorporating it into your everyday life. It may encourage you to start dressing better, to do you makeup everyday or try a new makeup technique, and treating people around you better.


2.) It breaks up the monotony.

How long have you been with your significant other? 1 year, 3 years, 5, 10, longer? Let’s face it, after the honeymoon stage wears off, sometimes we all get a little lax in our relationships. We stop doing those things that got our SO’s attention in the first place. Yet we expect them to still be as crazy in love with us, as the first time we met. My husband and I got together when we were 21 years old. (Shhh, I’m showing my age here.)  Now with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, a gain of close to 100lbs between us, and our old ass 32 year old bodies, shit don’t feel the same as when we used to go out, just joyriding.  Now it’s like, “Where are we going?”  “This is a waste of time.”, “I have stuff I need to be doing.” and don’t even get me started on the thought of pulling over on a country road to ummm…. well you know.  Eff that. We have a house…….with air conditioning……… and a huge bed, man. hahahahaha  A boudoir session not only ignites that spark for your significant other, but it also ignites it for you.


3.) It gives you confidence.

In the years of photographing women, one thing I hear over and over, is how confident my clients feel after their sessions. With their head held high, they can attack their day with excitement and confidence, that they may not have had before.  A boudoir session is not going to do your laundry, or write that presentation at work, but it will give you the confidence that’ll make you say, “Not only can I do this… but I can ROCK this!”  As I said, in 10 years, shit has changed. I’m 30lbs heavier, and even if I did weigh what I did when we met, after two kids, that weight is ALL redistibuted! I often feel like a frumpy housewife. After doing my own boudoir session though, I felt like a sexy, curvascious, #BossBitch.  What are you going to feel like, after seeing yourself all hot and sexy?



4.) It allows you to demand respect from those in your life.

I know, you’re wondering how in THE hell, half naked pictures are going to demand respect from people in your life, right? First, stop thinking of a boudoir session as JUST half naked pictures.  Anyone who’s had a session with me, can tell you it’s much more than that.  After your session, you’ll be holding your head high, with your new confidence. That confidence will make you start demanding more of your relationships. You will know you are WORTHY, and you won’t allow others to treat you as anything less.  Know your worth, and embrace it. Don’t allow people in your life to make you feel bad for rocking a boudoir session. Educate them, that it’s not about sex, it’s about empowering women. It’s about embracing your womanhood, and honoring your body. Investing in yourself,  is a way you can show yourself that YOU are worthy.  Is a session that will celebrate our womanhood, bring our sexy back, and instill confidence really not worth saving up a few months? I think our families would disagree.


5.) It teaches your kids self love. 

I saved the best for last here. This point is HUGE.  How many times have you critized yourself in front of your kids?  “Mommy can’t swing with you, I’m too fat.”  or just outright saying, “Ugh, I look like shit today.”, “I’m so fat!”, and “If I could just change {this} I’d be beautiful.”  in front of your kids?  Now how would you feel if they started looking in the mirror and feeling anything less than absolutely perfect?  I know I’m guilty of this as well, and thankfully anytime I slip, my oldest daughter catches me, and gives me the lecture. haha She says, “No mommy, you’re beautiful, and I love you the way you are.”  Awwwww!  But as she gets older, kids are getting meaner. The insults turn from, “You’re a meanie head.” into, “You’re fat, ugly, too skinny, etc.”  They learn it from us. They see what we say to ourselves, and how it makes us feel bad, and they use that to make others feel bad when they’re angry.

Have you gone through the “I don’t love you/I hate you” stage with your kids yet? When they’re angry at being in trouble, and they hurl that insult at you, because they know it’ll hurt your feelings? Yeah… it’s a horrible stage.  As adults, it seems that we never grow out of this stage, and continuously do it to ourselves. Why? Exactly who do we feel like we aren’t perfect for? For our kids? For our spouse? Well, that’s bullshit, they all love us just the way we are.  For friends, then? Nope. They love us and all our flaws too.  Ohhh, so it must be for strangers that we claim not to give one fuck about, huh?!?  I’ll just let that set in for you.

Bottom line, we are teaching our kids with all our words and actions, how to not only treat others, but themselves. What is the examply that you are setting for your kids? Is it one of self love?



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