Empower Her : Week 2 winners

Empower Her : Week 2 winners


Empower Her : Week 2 winners, speak up, Like each other, no negative talk, Lead by example, empower Indy women, boudoir sale, Indy boudoir



Holy Shitballs, you guys! We got a slow start to this monthly series, but last week took off! I was so damn glad to see so many of you, posting, liking, commenting, and empowering other women. You rock, just like I knew you would! Of course, AT&T decided that while you were crushing it on the interwebs, it would literally crush my interwebs and render them useless. haha Thanks, but no thanks AT&T!  So I’m going to keep this week’s announcement short and sweet. There were so many names (and Screen names) thrown into the mix this week,  I actually had to use a spreadsheet to keep track and use a random name generator to pick the winners.  There was way more interaction IG, so it wasn’t a big surprise that both our winners were from Insta. haha  Without further ado, this week’s winners are:




It just happened to be two ladies named Jenn/Jennifer. haha  Names were not listed in alphabetical order, and were selected with Random-ize.com, so before anyone gets salty on me.. I promise you folks, it was as random as I could make it. 😉 haha #NoSaltyZone #KeepTheSaltForTheOcean  So Jenn (@Jennthebarber83) and Jennifer (@Jennifer_Purdyy) please email me at Ashley@Nine23Photography.com with your mailing address, so I can send out your pretty packages. <3 

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  • bellaannphotographyNovember 15, 2016 - 1:03 PM

    WOW!!!!! I have a friend looking for a boudoir photographer in Indianapolis. I am definitely sending her your way. Your work is amazing!!

  • KatNovember 16, 2016 - 8:59 PM

    I always love viewing your boudoir photography work! I’ve been considering doing a boudoir session in Indianapolis next year and I think you’re the perfect photographer to do it!

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