Bring a friend Boudoir | Indianapolis Boudoir Photographer

Bring a friend Boudoir | Indianapolis Boudoir Photographer

A lot of our clients are the guinea pig of their social circle. The tribute sent to try out a boudoir session with my studio, and if their images are amazing, their friends can book their own shoot with peace of mind. haha I understand. Boudoir is scary your first time around. Any of my girls can tell you, that I make the process fun, and not scary in the least, but it’s like a roller coaster… you’re excited and freaking out in line, alllll the way up until you’re strapped in, then as the carts pull back into the station when the ride is over, you’re thinking, “OMG, that was so freaking fun! What was I scared for?!?”  Maybe that’s just me? haha Anywho, I’ve long had a referral program where our clients get a $100 credit for friends and family who they refer, and the bookee gets $100 off their session fee! Win-Win, right?!?  Did you know, that when you book your session with another gal, you BOTH get the referral bonus and can take $100 off your session fees?

I’ve had sisters, bridal parties, besties, mom + daughter duos, and even coworkers who book their sessions together to take advantage of the awesome double booking bonus.  But I’m sure you still have questions, like, “Do I really gotta get naked with my momma?” and “I love my friend, but I don’t want images WITH her!”.  This is totally fine! Your comfort level is of utmost importance to us. Now if you DO want a few images together, we’re more than happy to oblige that as well.  Here’s a link to our pinterest board with a few pinned examples.


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1.) How can I take $100 OFF my session fee?
Book with a friend and you both get to take $100 off your session fee.  At this time, we’re only able to accommodate 2 ladies back to back on weekdays, and 3 on Saturdays.



2.) How will our sessions work?
On session day, one of you will go first in hair and makeup, while the other gets to chillax and join in on the girly talk. Once the first gal is done with hair and makeup, we’ll pull our divider curtain (don’t worry, your friend or family member won’t be able to see you posing. 😉 ), and the next gal will start hair and makeup.  At the end of your sessions, IF you want to do some images together, this is when we’ll do them. It’s totally up to you!



3.) Do I HAVE to get nakie  in front of my friend?
No! During your entire shoot, our divider will be pulled, so you will be able to change in private, and your whole session will be private.



4.) Will we have to do our pre-session consultations and reveals together as well?
No ma’am! Just because your shoot will be on the same day, doesn’t mean you must share your consult and/or reveal. While your periods may already be synced, I don’t expect your calendars to be. I want both of you to have the full experience of a boudoir session. Saving money, shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing time.



Bring a friend Boudoir | Indianapolis Boudoir Photographer, curvy boudoir, bachelorette party ideas, indy bride, summer party Indy, Indiana boudoir


So there you have it!  Book your experience with a friend to save money, to have emotional support at your session, and just to do something out of your comfort zone for once!
We can’t wait to meet you!


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