Blushing Bride : Indianapolis Boudoir

Blushing Bride : Indianapolis Boudoir


Blushing Bride : Indianapolis Boudoir, Indy Bride, Bridal boudoir, Indiana Bridal Boudoir photography Blushing Bride : Indianapolis Boudoir, Indy Bride, Bridal boudoir, Indiana Bridal Boudoir photography


Thinking of an epic, wedding day gift for your soon-to-be-spouse? Book your session with Nine 23 Boudoir.
We’ve worked with dozens of brides, this wedding season, and I love hearing all of the ways our brides are surprising their fiance’s with their albums and images.
Trying to think of some creative ways? Here’s my top 5 fave ideas from brides, just like you.  


(In no particular order)

1.) Miss J, surprised her new husband with an album on wedding night, and had her bestie put up her bedroom canvas while they were on their honeymoon, so they both came home to an sexy surprise! 

2.) Miss K, purchased an album and her flash drive of images, and texted/messaged one image a day to her soon-to-be-wifey, the week leading up to the wedding. Right after their wedding, they whisked off to a tropical paradise, where Miss K, promptly gave her new wife an amazing boudoir album.

3.) Several of our brides, send over their albums with a handwritten note, while their fiance is getting ready. This way, their wedding photographer can capture their response!! You’ve hired a photographer for the day… make it epic!

4.) Your wedding day is long, and tiring. By the time you to the hotel that night, you may just want to crash. If so, order some room service for breakfast, recap some of your fave wedding moments, and then whip out that album. Your spouse won’t know what hit ’em! They think all the festivities and awesomeness is over, and then BAM!! They’re swept off their feet all over again.

5.) Miss M surprised her fiance, moments after their first look. She had her maid of honor hold onto the box off to the side, and once their photographer captured the moment of seeing each other for the first time, the MOH gave her the album, to give to her groom.  This way, she got to see his reaction, AND was able to have her photographer capture on film as well!!


Now that you know my favorite ways to surprise your soon-to-be-spouse, let us know how YOU surprised your spouse or plan to, on your wedding day.

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