A 40th Birthday Gift to Herself

In her own words:


I’m an introverted, taco-eating, peak-bagging, library-book-reading, dog-loving wild feminist. I like long walks on the beach and longer walks in the mountains. My friends think I’m the weird one. 🙂  Like all good things, my boudoir journey started with an online search. I am a perfectionist, and I have a tendency to over-analyze, so I research things to death before making a commitment. This experience was no different. That’s how I knew I was choosing the best!

My session was the day after my 40th birthday, a gift to myself. Can you think of a better way to celebrate turning 40? I can’t. Now that I’ve seen my photos, I tell everyone I would have turned 40 a long time ago if I knew I’d look this good.  I mean, the quality of the work is just stellar. That’s obvious. But there were three things that made Nine23 stand out to me above the other studios I considered: (1) the genuine belief that every body is beautiful; (2) 10% of your investment goes to charity; and (3) the studio is expressly LGBTQ+ friendly, body-positive, and welcoming to everyone.

My experience with Nine23 has been amazeballs from day one. Booking my session online was easy-peasy, and Ashley was super-responsive whenever I had any questions. The day of my session, I loved that Heather and Ashley asked for my input at every stage to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. (Heather is a fabulous artist. You will want to take at least 100 selfies after your session because your hair and makeup is gonna look so gooood.)  The session has reinforced the fact that there are some pretty fantastic women in the world who believe in empowering other women and encouraging them to love themselves.

Even though I loved all the photos on the Nine23 website and social media, I feared that I would hate mine. Before your session, it’s hard not to compare yourself with all those beautiful women and get a little nervous. Obviously, one of the best part of seeing my photos was how beautiful I looked, but, even better, the whole experience was so empowering that I didn’t feel the need to compare myself to anyone else anymore.


If my bestie asked about Nine 23 Boudoir, what would I tell them?  DO IT. If you’re nervous, that’s cool, but there’s really no need to be. I was so comfortable by the end of my session that I forgot I was naked in a room with someone I’d just met a few hours ago. Ashley feels like a friend you’ve known forever. Get ready for tons of fun and a lot of laughs. You’ll feel a little silly in some of the poses, but…You. Will. Look. Amazing. (because you are amazing)!

The Birthday Girl

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