3 Ways to NOT be an “everyday woman”.

I’m writing today because I am FIRED UP! So for sure, this blog post will be 100% authentic Ashley, and 80% typos, because “Ain’t nobody got time for proofreading!”.   But first, I have to clear the air. A lot of photographers are out here saying, “Boudoir for the everyday woman…”  What exactly is an everyday woman anyway?  My tagline has been for years, “Boudoir for everyday, sassy women.” and you know what, I’m taking out the Everyday.

It’s over used. It no longer has any meaning. Do you feel something when you read it? Does it make you want to run out and book a session?  Didn’t think so. In fact, there’s nothing “everyday” about the Nine 23 Experience. We’re about the fire, the inner vixen, the conquering your fears and rocking that shit!

Exactly WHAT is an everyday woman? I’m a woman every day, are you a woman every day? Like I know what it means, but really it’s a made-up phrase, so photographers can relate with their clients.  Well, I’ve been photographing women from all walks of life, for several years and while I relate to each and every one of them in some way, I can tell you there is no such thing as an EVERYDAY WOMAN.  We’re all pretty unique, with just a bit of common ground to connect us all to each other.  We can do better.


So how do YOU break that cycle of being an everyday woman?


I have a bazillion blogs that I’d love to publish, but I can’t post them. Some I’m waiting on my client’s testimonial because Y’all don’t want to hear what *I* have to stay about my clients right?  You want to see their sexy images, and hear what they have to say about me! Short version? Ashley’s awesome, and her images rock. There you go, I saved you hours of reading. haha, But most of them I can’t post because, in terms of being able to share images this year, I’m just not able to. I’ve photographed over 2 dozen women so far, and will probably photograph 2 or 3 dozen more before the end of the year. Do you want to know how many of them you’re going to see?  Maybe a 1/3 of those ladies, IF that.   It’s a bummer man!  I know you’re thinking, “Ashley, if they can’t or don’t want to share images, they shouldn’t have to! Don’t be an asshole and complain about that.”  because, if I were you, that’s what I’d be saying in my head after reading that first paragraph.  No, no. My gripe is not with my clients. My gripe is with this stuck up, prudish, midwestern state. I have a lot of boudoir photographer friends in other states, and they get to share so many sessions and pretty risqué images too.  But here in good ole Indiana… noooooope! Heaven forbid we show a bare shoulder! FOR SHAME if your collarbone is exposed, ladies! I get why you’re not comfortable sharing, and I definitely get if you have a job with a morality clause and literally can’t allow me to share images.  But I’m so tired of seeing women, my clients, come in and do this awesome, epic thing for themselves, only to have their excitement quieted by society. After every session, you bet your ass I’m sharing my images with friends, family, and the public.  Do I think I’m the sexiest woman alive? No. But do I think I am a badass, strong, independent, sexy woman, who knows her value and her worth? HELL YES!! This is why I share my images.  So if you’re like me, and you’re doing your boudoir session just as much for yourself if not more, than you are for your significant other, then let’s stop having our voices, our emotions, and our bodies censored.  SHOW YOUR SESSION OFF! You are a MF’ing treasure girl! Don’t let ANYONE, and I mean A-N-Y-O-N-E, quiet you about that.


Get out of your comfort zone. Do something for yourself. Push yourself further. . The phrase I hear most often is, “this is so out of my comfort zone…”  and while I’m sure getting into lingerie and having pictures taken is probably very out of everyone’s comfort zone at first, don’t stop there.  Bring in that sexy teddy. Don’t be too shy to say, “I want to be sexy.”  It’s my job to push your boundaries, to make you look and feel sexy.. so if you’re going to do it, girl, do it here in the studio.  Let go of the notion you’re too awkward, too big, too this, too that, to be sexy. Whatever is keeping you from applying that adjective “sexy” to yourself… kick it to the curb!  It’s all in your head.  I just want to walk up to you and shake your shoulders and say, “YOUR INNER BADASS WANTS TO COME OUT AND PLAY!”.  When you were a teenager and young adult, did you think you would be playing it safe, or smashing stereotypes at this age? Hopefully, it was the latter… so let’s do that! Let’s start breaking some molds, pushing some boundaries, and creating some super sexy art!


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For some of you, you’ve done a session with me already, and you’ve felt that rush of badassery…. but now here you are 2-3 years later, and you’re right back to your everyday routine life again. Feeling stuck. Feeling bored. Why do you think I book a session for myself every single year? It’s essential to keep pushing yourself, or you just stop. You just get stuck in the everyday.  A boudoir session with Nine23 is anything BUT everyday.  Its exotic, and unique, and thrilling, and special, and a chance for the ultimate pampering.   You deserve this because you are a one of a kind badass who slays everyday and deserves to be treated like a queen.

So what are you waiting for?  Click that contact button and let’s get your sexy on.

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